Snowed in...literally!

The view out the front ... nearly a foot of snow!

Getting ready to hit the hills for some sledding!

Even our dog, Sohpie, had fun!

I guess I got what I wanted...to be snowed in for a few days. It's actually been fun with the girls, even though we've had some vomiting, crampy tummies, and oh, did I mention arguements? I really am starting to get cabin fever and I am afraid I can't even get out of my driveway! We've made the most out of it so far, with sledding, playing in the snow, playing Old Maid, hide and seek and countless other games the girls have made up. And, Ellie learned how to dial Grandma's phone number...poor Grandma. I have no idea how many times Ellie has called but I know it's been a LOT!

Chris has been OOT all wk and thinks he is going to try and catch a flight home tonight...Good Luck! Thankfully, we've only lost power a few times yesterday unlike some of my friends in the Louisville, KY area. I'm going to post some pictures of the snow and ice. It's been absolutely beautiful, to say the least.


No news really isn't good news, is it?

Well, I was looking forward to hearing what Dr. Lubicky(pediatric Ortho Surgeon) had to say regarding Ellie's C-Spine. Unfortunately, the appt had to be cancelled as he was in surgery. We are rescheduled for next month so we'll see what happens then...I guess... I really don't want him to even assess Ellie, b/c frankly, I don't care for the guy. BUT, if she goes elsewhere for the surgery (which is what I'm banking on), she will need a ortho surgeon who is close in proximity that would/could follow up on her. This is the sole reason I wanted to get her up to see the surgeon in Indiana. The best in the field of pediatric ortho and who has tons of experience with dwarfism is in Delaware (Dr Mackenzie). I'd rather her see the best in the field!!! Am I asking for too much???? Even if it requires lots of money, I still feel this is what is best for my baby. Her daddy doesn't agree....and this is what sucks. Not that he doesn't want what is best for her--he is an engineer...need I say more?

Here is the deal: her neck (Cervical spine C1 and C2) is a bit "loose" and she will more than likely require a Cervical fusion in the future. Kids with SEDc usually have had their 1st fusion by the time they are 4, or so this is what I've been told. It scares the hell out of me! But, I am my child's advocate so I will do what needs to be done for her. If this requires me taking her to the best surgeon that is hundreds of miles away, then I will....and I am planning on it!! This is causing major disharmony in my marriage, unfortunately. Talk about stress.....


I just gotta share this...

Ellie decided that she was sick of her hair and took matters into her own hands....LITERALLY! This actually happened this past summer (7/08), but I was browsing around and decided to share it. Needless to say, after her 'masterpiece' was discovered (she really didn't think I would notice), I had to rush her up to my hairdresser in Bloomington for a quick fix. The video does not do justice to show how much she wacked...because it was a LOT! Her scalp was even showing!!! At least it was on the back of her head and Michelle (my awesome hairdresser) was able to give her a cute bob cut. This was actually the first time this has happened to me...not too bad seeing that Ellie is the youngest of 3!


Just call me the Computer Guru...

Ok, so I'm feeling a little good right now...I've FINALLY, I think, figured out how to give this blog a face-lift. I'm not sure how happy I am with it right now, but it sure is a start. It beats the boring blah pink.

Now, I think I am about ready to signoff, possibly have a glass of wine or a bloody mary or something 'fun' and go root for the Steelers! I'm counting on a win to make my spirits lifted before this coming wk. I've dreaded it for a while now.....and maybe not for the most obvious reasons....


Good News!

Well, good news for now....Ellie had her first opthamologist appt a few days ago and her eyes are good right now. She has a little bit of near-sightedness but nothing to warrant any eyeglasses yet. And, her retina and all looks great so far. She was such a trooper thru the whole exam. Never once cried and followed every direction given to her by Dr. Jones. I am so darn proud of her...she makes my heart swell every second of every day! She NEVER ceases to amaze me! Next wk, she goes to see the ortho surgeon to evaluate her neck. I hope it goes well, and I will keep you posted. It will be a long day at Riley Children's Hospital in Indy.


Top: The gals in my family: Cousin Jaylin, Cousin Kelsi, Ellie, My Mom, Katie, My sister, Traci, my Aunt LuAnn, me and Maddie.

Bottom: Random shot of Ellie, worn out from too much wishing (she really is asleep!)

Random pics

Left: Beside the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO

Below: Ellie and her bubbles



New Year, New Resolutions?

Yep, it's been quite a long time since my last posting. The thing I can't stand the most about the Holidays is how busy you get with the hustle and bustle of the season that you can't even find the time to do silly little things like keep up with your blog. Sad, isn't it? So, along with all the norm resolutions this for the upcoming year (eat better, become healthier, lose wt, etc), I've decided that maybe I should work more on this site, as well. Check back in March to see whether I've fallen off the wagon or not....

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was so much fun...the girls had an absolute blast....from setting out the reindeer food on Christmas Eve night to the craziness of Christmas morning! As far as I know, they all believed Santa had made a visit which, I'm afraid, will be the last year for this (katie is 10). Maddie says she saw Santa and somehow managed to find 'sleigh tracks' in the driveway that wasn't put there by any of us!!! Maybe he really did come!!! Ellie was on a 100% high all morning, and still can't believe that Santa brought her the Rose Petaled Cottage! Her and Maddie even slept in it last night ... well, until around 4:30am.

It's hard to believe that this Holiday Season has come and gone...now back to normallacy, which quite honestly, I'm looking forward to.