The trials of raising a tween

I know I have a LOT to look forward to with raising my girls....mood swings, menstrual cycles, boys, prom dresses, etc....ALL X 3. I... can...hardly...wait. I know that I won't experience anything that any other typical mom of a 10 yr old hasn't. Well, I HOPE not, anyway.

I knew that Katie, my oldest, had not been invited to a birthday/sleepover of a so-called friend. Katie is the one who told me earlier in the wk, and quite honestly, she didn't seem all that upset. I was but not her (so I thought). Yesterday as I was picking Katie and Maddie up from school, there was the birthday clan...yep, all 15 or so of them (including boys) all huddled around jumping, acting giddy and silly like any excited 10 yr old would be. Seriously, there was like 15+ kids!!!! I was so surprised ... but even MORE upset for Katie. It literally broke my heart. There the birthday clan was, smeared right in front of us for all to see who was going (and who wasn't). As we got in the van to go home, I was mad, sad, pissed, livid, but HEARTBROKEN and crushed for her. I tried to talk to her about it...and then the faucet was turned on. The tears came rolling down her sweet face, and then they came down mine. I just don't understand how a child is left out of a huge party when so many were invited--not to mention Katie and this little girl are friends. They play with each other almost everyday at recess. Granted, I don't know this family very well, so hopefully it was a mere overlooked error on their part for accidentally forgetting an invite. I know that happens. But, whatever the case, my little girl was hurt.

I know this will be the beginning of many heartaches to come, and I don't think she needs to be invited to every party ever held in Paoli. I'm not that kind of Mom or person. But, when it's a friend---come on. Where's the love??? I try to learn as I go, and this experience has been no exception. Either try to invite everyone, or don't make such a big huge display of the event for the world to see. Maybe I'm PMS'ing. I don 't know...but it really hit a nerve, and tugged on those heart-strings.


Ellie's 4th Birthday Pics....FINALLY!!!

I'm usually not much of a procrastinator, but I will admit to being a huge piddler. I LOVE to piddle. And, I must admit that I got it honest (right, Mom?). I've been dying to share these pics of Ellie's 4th birthday for the last few wks but couldn't locate the USB cable to my camera for downloading. Well, Katie cleans up my desk and ALAS!! There it was! (Thanks, Katie!!!!) So, apparently, not only do I piddle, but I'm not a very good house cleaner-upper. Mary Poppins, I need your help!

OK, about Ellie's birthday. We actually celebrated it on Valentines Day (talk about the best Valentines present I've ever received 4 yrs ago!!!) so that our family could all make it. It was a Princess theme, of course, and Ellie had a wonderful time. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!

I need to explain the Pop-Tart picture. I am known to wrap presents in boxes other than what the gift actually comes in. OR, I search my home until I find whatever box will work. The Pop-Tart box was the perfect size for Ellie's suprise. Bless her little heart....she was so excited to receive her favorite kind of Cookie Pop Tarts!!! She kept saying..."My favorite Pop-Tarts!" over and over again. It was so sweet! As she was putting it down to get to her next gift, I had to nudge her to see what was in the Pop-Tart box. SO, she was perfectly content to get PopTarts for her birthday. Had I known this, I could've saved myself some money (wink, wink). The child never ceases to amaze me! Oh, by the way, it was a Webkinz in the box.


Birthday Eve Blues....

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow, Ellie,my baby girl, will turn 4 yrs old. I have been so emotional about it today, more so than I ever was with Katie or Maddie. I'd say tomorrow, I'll be even more of a basket case. God only knows how I'll be on Saturday when we will celebrate it with family!!! Are my emotions running rampant because she is my youngest? Maybe. Or could it be that I'm just hormonal right now? Good possibility. But you know why I think I really am sad? Because Ellie is getting older, plain and simple. We're getting closer and closer to the time when she will be attending Elementary School....she will no longer be under my wing, so to speak. I want to protect her from life's bullies. I don't want her to know about the meanies in this world, and I'm sure we'll run into many mainly b/c of her dwarfism. I want her to stay how she is right now. She's my little 'bee,' my lil stinker, my kissing machine, my lil scholar, my everything!! She makes my heart swell with 100% love. But, this is just me being selfish. I want her to grow into the awesome lil lady that she one day will become. She is going to change this world in a larger than life way...THIS I have known from her infancy. She may be little, but her personality is gigantic! I wish she could understand how proud of her I am, but that will come soon enough. How ironic I am wishing this when I don't even want her to turn 4! HA

OK, I need to straighten up and quit acting like a baby...wipe away my tears and face the fact that I can't stop the inevitable. I'm just having a mommy moment, or two.....or three......