Not much happening around here...

...and I'm not complaining! Summer vacation officially started last week and we've been enjoying it so far. I will say though, the first full day of us all being home together, I thought I was ready for school to restart. The girls weren't getting along and it was just havoc around here. It's going to start picking up next week. Katie and Maddie are both in tennis camp all week, we're off the week after that, then another week of camp (volleyball)...then VACATION! We're meeting my sister in Alabama, then driving to Panama City, FL for 5 days. Then, we're driving back to Oklahoma for another week. I haven't taken more than one week off at a time since I either had a really sick child or was on maternity leave! Wow...2 weeks...I'm so excited! And to be able to spend it with my sister!!!! We'll have a blast! The girls have no idea about the Florida part....this is going to be a surprise so hopefully when I tell them, I can capture some pics and post them.

On another happy note...I am so excited that Ellie's xray's have been sent to Dr. Mackenzie for his review. Colleen Ditro is so awesome!!! She literally answered a email I sent to her on the same day. To boot, it was Mother's Day on the first day I wrote to her! Isn't that great!?!