Post # 2---Ellie's MD appt

I'm going to copy and paste most of what I wrote on Facebook so if you've already read that, bear with me. I really, really, really appreciate all of the prayers and phone calls from everyone. It means more to me than you all know!! One of the big issues with Ellie's SEDc is that it can cause the neck to be "loose" which is where we are with her right now. She is at an increased risk for having paralysis due to the nature of the loose vertebrae in the cervical area. With that said, she is on many restrictions physically (which is rather hard for a VERY active 4 yr old). The only way to fix this looseness is for her to have a cervical spinal fusion which is one of the most delicate surgeries and poses many risks. In order for the surgeons to find out the degree of increased flexibility and how much movement she has in her neck, she will have to undergo an MRI of her neck which is scheduled in a few wks. Dr. Lubicky seemed very concerned but thankfully, doesn't think she has any spinal cord damage at this point. She passed all of the neuro tests so he is confident things are OK so far. Thank God! I pray her path continues this way...but if not, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. She is a fighter and she gets it honest. God Love Her!!!

The next day after the appt, we headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum...GREAT PLACE!! Ellie had a ball!! I am definitely going back this summer except taking Katie and Maddie, too (they were at their dad's all wk so they weren't able come). Ellie's favorite parts were the Carousel and the Dinosaur exhibit...yeah, you heard me right, the dinosaurs. Wow...talk about surprised!! She was completely mesmerized by the sounds, the fantastic lighting, the huge displays of the different dinos (I'm doing you all a favor here by not trying to spell the kinds we saw...b/c frankly, I don't even remember!) and the feeling that you were completely in the middle of the Land of the Lost (I loved that show and can't wait for the movie to come out--although I kept looking for the Sleestacks and never saw them). Anyway, it was a great way to end our short journey up north and take my mind off the inevitable.

As always, there is always something being fixed, built or worked on in Indy and the Children's Museum was no exception

For some reason, Ellie was fascinated with the sand...like she'd ever played in it before!

Ellie's blue boat she constructed herself. She was so proud of it. Ahoy, Mate!!!

Ellie's favorite place to be....on the Carousel!! She LOVES these things!!!!
Apparently, Ellie has a deep love for dinosaurs, which was a news flash for us!!
And the Princess FINALLY takes a break...and awaits for her Knight in Shining Armour! I don't think she'll be waiting long!
I think Ellie was terrified of this lego dragon...she has a nervous smile.
And away we go!!! Who knows the destination with Ellie in the drivers seat!
My Lil Hoosier!! (this is the name of the doghouse which didn't show up very well)
Waiting...and waiting...and waiting for the train to go by....unfortunately, it only went by one time and there was like thousands of them everywhere!

Post #1---LPA Swimming Party!

Sunday was our local LPA Chapter 24 swimming party in Plainfield and we all had such a great time! It was nice to catch up with a few familiar faces and chat with some new members. The girls had a blast, especially Ellie. That child is a fish in the water and has absolutely NO FEAR of it. This makes my job as mommy a nervous wreck when she is anywhere near water. Have I ever mentioned that when she was 2 1/2 yrs old, she jumped into Lake Tenkiller when we were boating with my sister and her family! Yes, she had a life vest on, but have you ever tried fitting a LP snuggly into a vest when she is the size of an infant? Makes it kinda rough! Thank goodness someone was right there with Ellie and she was just fine. But, my heart was racing...and continued to at the Plainfield Indoor Swimming Park. She frolicked, jumped, splashed, dove, floated and squirted nearly everyone she was around. It was really cute! I am definitely, without a doubt, putting her in private swimming lessons this year. Who knows...maybe she'll be the next Eleanor Simmonds!

Katie, Hannah, Emma, Ellie, Maddie, Renee, Emily and Lindsey.

Ellie splashing in the sprinklers!

Floating on her back...I'm telling you...this girl LOVES the water!

Katie, Ellie and Maddie...one of the few times they are ALL smiling!! :)


District 5 Spring Regional...Here We Come!

I'm so excited to say, we have decided to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the '09 District 5 LPA Spring Regional in mid-April!! I wish I could say we were also going to the National Convention in NYC (I ♥ NY), but this is as good as it's gonna get this year. I'm so excited to get to meet more LP families, not only for Ellie's sake, but for my own self as well. I'm also hoping to see some familiar faces, too. I can't wait!!! I'll be taking tons of pictures and I'll post them as soon as I can.

I've also decided to head up to the Lil Hoosiers (Chap 24) get together next wk. The girls will have an absolute blast, I'm sure! The meeting/party will be at a indoor water park which is sure to be a hit for ALL the kiddos. It's a 2 hr drive, but it'll be so worth it. This really is the least I can do for Ellie....get her to as many LP functions as possible. Be sure to check back for pictures, b/c I'll be posting next wk. On a bummer of a note, we aren't going anywhere for Spring Break this year (insert BIG SAD FACE). Katie and Maddie are going to spend the wk with their dad so it will definately be quiet(er) next wk.

OH...I almost forgot! We are taking Ellie to see the ortho surgeon on Wednesday (Dr Lubicky) to hear him give his 2 cents. If you remember from an earlier posting...I don't have lots of love for the guy. But, I will hear him out. NO way will I allow him to operate on her when the time comes, but I will hopefully be able to lean on him for some post-op care. So...stay tuned! Looks like I'll have lots to share soon! Wish us luck!!!! ☺


Say it isn't so!!! AI rant...

OK....it's no big secret that I am a huge Adam Lambert fan on Idol. I loved him from the moment I first saw him during the LA audtions for AI. I think he's a great singer, is a HOTTIE, and very talented ( he was Fiero's understudy in Wicked in LA). He really is the triple threat this year. That's totally cool. So, here I am, googling Adam just to find some more out about him.....and bam....the pictures are surfacing everywhere. Gay Adam Lambert photos...other headlines reading, "Will gay Adam Lambert photos hurt his Idol chances?" Crap!!! Now, before you start thinking of me as a homophobe (which I am not), I am still a fan...and huge fan. This dude has talent, there is no question about that. I'm just questioning his sexual orientation. I was hoping (and still am) that they are fake pictures....but then I found the videos. Yep....one youtube video even has him saying something about kissing a girl was not his particular preference. Oh well....a girl can still dream, can't she. He is just so darn cute...those bedroom eyes are to die for. I'm still rootin for him....but more like in the way I would for Freddie Mercury.