My Playschool Graduate

This past Tuesday, Ellie graduated from PLAYSCHOOL. Yes, you heard right...Playschool. I had mixed feelings about attending a graduation from Playschool, but of course I went and cheered on my littlest gal! This is my beef with playschool graduation. Aren't there enough graduations the way it is nowadays? I mean, when I went to school, we had a Nursery School graduation and HS graduation...and for those that continued their education, a college graduation. I can literally count with 2 hands how many graduations Ellie will go thru from now until the end of her college career....6! Isn't that crazy? I just think that by the time she's all done, will a graduation actually mean anything to her? Ok...I'm off my soapbox. Back to her fun-filled day.

It was so cute seeing her and all of her classmates singing their songs, all full of cuteness and giggles and laughter! It was basically just an adorable program without mortar boards and gowns. Ellie will now move on to the 3 day class next school year which will be Preschool. Here are some pictures from Ellie's big day. She did remind me of Cindy Brady a few times with the deer in the headlights look. None the less, my baby girl did a fabulous job and I'm so darn proud of her!!

Everyone getting in their places...this took some time with 17 4 yr olds!

Ellie stating her name in the microphone, "Ellie Grace Sims" Great Job, Sweetie!

Singing a Christmas song with snowman props..."5 Little Snowmen"

Getting her Certificate of Completion from her favorite teacher, Miss Megan

My 3 favorite girls in the whole, wide world!!! Katie, Ellie and Maddie!

I'm so proud of all of the hardwork my 3 girls put in during this school year. They are so ready for Summer Break which will officially kick off on Wednesday after school. Great school year, Girls!!! Now, lets all sing together, "Schools...out...for...SUMMER!"


Melisa said...

I hear you about the graduations but it is so fun to see them. It's amazing how quickly they grow and how much they learn...little sponges. Your daughters are beautiful.

Emily said...

That is so cute!! I can't believe it's time for summer vacation already...except up here, we have 4 more weeks to go!

The Weisser family said...

Oh she is so cute! I bet the graduation made her feel very special!

Melissa Swartley said...

I hear ya on the graduations too, but they are so cute to watch! Great pictures, all of your girls are so beautiful! :)

Mike said...

It's nice to hear somebody else thinks that about graduations, too! There shouldn't be a single graduation until 8th grade, in my opinion! Oh well... At least you didn't have to sit through cap and gown - I've even seen THAT in preschool! Eesh...

Totally cute pics, though!

Destini said...

So when I was in school we just had high school graduation - that's it - and this is WV, all those jokes about not making it past the 8th grade you'd think we would have had a graduation for that :) Ellie was adorable for her graduation - I'm sure there will be another graduation for Preschool next year... By the way, I absolutely LOVE Maddie's glasses and have always forgotten to add that to my comments!

Kim said...

I hear you on your beef with graduation. Fortunately there is no ceremony for Preston since he goes year round. I love the pictures of Ellie and one with all three girls. Very very cute.

Greene Family said...

So cute!! I love the photo of your three favorite girls - so beautiful!
I'm with you on the graduations - crazy to have so many, but goodness they are cute to watch! Yay for summer vacation!